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Affinity Bias - Normal Human Behavior Or Discrimination?

New study shows people want to surround themselves with people who are like them. Is this just normal human behavior or a discrimination risk?

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When Sensitivity Training Goes Insensitive - How Training Meant To Lower Risk Increased It

Employers must monitor what message trainers give to employees. Learn how one sensitivity training led to claims of insensitivity and what you can do to avoid this.

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"I Woke Up In A Good Mood And Didn't Want To Ruin It!" Addressing Holiday - And Every Day - Absenteeism

Employees come up with some of the craziest excuses for missing work. Here are tips to maintain productivity no matter why employees are absent.

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Why "No" Can Be A Good Thing - We Asked Our Readers

Saying "no" in the workplace can be difficult. We asked our readers about their experiences with saying "No."

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