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How to file a claim

It is important to remember that use of the hotline or any of the other Risk Management PLUS+ Online® services does not constitute notice of a claim under your policy. To provide notice of a claim, mail, email or fax written notice using the contact information listed below. Please be advised that neither The McCalmon Group, Inc., Morgan Lewis, nor Jackson Lewis can render advice regarding your policy or coverage.

Claim Reporting Information

Email: bfpclaims@travelers.com

Fax: 888.460.6622


385 Washington Street

Mail Code 9275-NB03F

St. Paul, MN 55102

If you have specialty crime coverages with Travelers, the claim reporting procedures will remain the same. Please use the appropriate contact information below:

Kidnap & Ransom Coverage – Call Olive Group (US): US: 713-918-6401 or

UK: +44 (0) 207–240–3237

Identity Fraud – BondClaimIDFraud@travelers.com or 800.842.8496

Financial Institutions Property & Casualty claim reporting will remain the same. For P&C claim reporting information, click here.

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